Friday, January 27, 2012

King Midas And The Golden Touch

King Midas And The Golden Touch

King Midas was greedy,old,unhappy king.Although he owned more land and money than anyone else,he never felt that he had enough.He always wanted more of everything: more food,more money,more clothes.He had one daughter,Leah,who was the most beautiful in the land.He loved her dearly,but not even she could take away his greed.One day, the king was walking through his enormous garden,which was the most spectacular in all the land.He was surprised to stumble across a beggar wearing tattered clothes,with broken sandals on his feet.He didn't know that this beggar was really a magician who granted wishes and helped people discover what was really important to them  

The beggar explained, "I have lost my way and I have nowhere to go." Then he pleaded, "Please,if you help me now I will grant you any wish you want."  
"Any wish I want? How can you,a beggar,give me,a king,anything I want?"  King Midas didn't believe him, but he decided to feed and clothe him anyway. 
"I will repay your kindness," said the beggar. Together they went into the king's palace. Servants brought huge plates piled high with food. They ate and drank until they were full. The king's tailor made the beggar new garments from fine fabric and the shoemaker made him new shoes. 
Finally Midas said, "Enough of all this! I have decided on my wish."
"I want everything I touch to turn to gold"
"Are you sure you want this wish?"
The beggar blinked his eyes. "The king's wish has just been granted."
The king picked up a bread and 'poof' it turned to gold! He couldn't believe it. Then he picked up a piece of chicken and 'poof', it too turned to gold!
Then he called his servants  and said "Servants fetch me a glass of water"
The servants handed King Midas a glass of water,but it turned to gold! 
"Help me out of my throne," he called,but when he touched his servant's arm,the servant became a golden statue.
"I have no food,nothing to drink and no servant. Well,as long as I have my gold....."The king smiled.He turned everything to gold-The royal horses,clothes and furniture.He had no way of getting around,nothing to wear and nowhere to sit!
He ran outside to his garden to pluck a rose for his daughter.It too turned to gold,hard and cold with no pretty sent.Just then Leah ran outside.
"Father,what has become of our palace?" Leah asked
He reached out to her and she turned to gold! The king was horrified!
"I thought I had everything,but now I have nothing," sniffled King Midas.He called  out,
"Please undo my wish."
Suddenly the magician appear.
"Are you sure" asked the magician.
"Yes!" King Midas said
Everything  was changed back. The king rejoiced with his daughter.He realized that he had all that he needed,and wanted  


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